Banerjee Lab

For Theory of Living Matter

Current Team

Shiladitya Banerjee
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University

Logan Carpenter

PhD Student
Cell population dynamics
Arianna Cylke

PhD Student
Stochastic modeling of cell growth and division
Josiah Kratz

PhD Student
Bacterial growth physiology
Jessica Ng

PhD Student (UCL)
Suspended Animation of Living Cells
Fernanda Perez

Tissue Mechanics
Deb Sankar Banerjee

Cell mechanics
Xinzhi Li

Collective cell dynamics
Former Members

Nikola Ojkic, Postdoc 2018-2021, UCL [Currently Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.]

PhD Students
Diana Serbanescu, PhD 2018-2022, UCL
Michael Staddon, PhD 2016-2020, UCL [Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at MPI-CBG and Center for Systems Biology, Dresden.]
Daniel Gradeci, PhD 2016-2019, UCL [Currently at Orbis Investments, London]

Undergraduate Research Project students
Jake Cornwall Scoones (2019-20) [B.A.,Cambridge]
Timothy Lambden (2018) [MSci Natural Sciences, UCL]
Shu En Lim (2017) [MSci Natural Sciences, UCL]
Thomas Jones [MSci Physics (2018), UCL]
Tsz Wai Yu [MSci Physics (2018), UCL]
Ferhan Janjua [MSc Physics (2017), UCL]
Roisin Stephens [MSci Physics (2017), UCL]