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Physics of Living Matter


  1. Filament bending promotes dynamic stability in unconventional soft active nematics
    arXiv:1840.04232 (2018)
    Seara DS, Linsmeier I, Tabatabai AP, Oakes PW, Ali Tabei SM, Banerjee S*, Murrell MP*
  2. Design principles for selective self-assembly of active networks
    arXiv:1712.02498 (2018)
    Freedman SL, Hocky GM, Banerjee S*, Dinner AR*
  3. Filament rigidity and connectivity tune the deformation modes of active biopolymer networks
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114, E10037–E10045 (2017)
    Stam S, Freedman SL, Banerjee S, Weirich KL, Dinner AR, Gardel ML
  4. Local cellular neighbourhood controls proliferation in cell competition
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 28, 3215 (2017)
    Bove A§, Gradeci D§, Fujita Y, Banerjee S*, Charras G*, Lowe AR*
  5. A versatile framework for simulating the dynamic mechanical structure of cytoskeletal networks
    Biophysical Journal 113, 448 (2017)
    Freedman SL, Banerjee S, Hocky GM, Dinner AR
  6. Biphasic growth dynamics control cell division in Caulobacter crescentus
    Nature Microbiology 2, 17116 (2017)
    Banerjee S, Lo K, Daddysman MK, Selewa A, Kuntz T, Dinner AR, Scherer NF
  7. Liquid behavior of cross-linked actin bundles
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114, 2131 (2017)
    Weirich KL, Banerjee S, Dasbiswas K, Witten TA, Vaikuntanathan S, Gardel ML
  8. Disordered actomyosin networks are sufficient to produce cooperative and telescopic contractility
    Nature Communications 7, 12615 (2016)
    Linsmeier I, Banerjee S, Oakes PW, Jung W, Kim TY, Murrell MP
  9. Cellular contraction and polarization drive collective cellular motions
    Biophysical Journal 110, 2729 (2016)
    Notbohm J§, Banerjee S§, Utuje KJC, Gweon B, Jang H, Park Y, Shin J, Butler JP, Fredberg JJ, Marchetti MC
  10. Structural basis for oligomerization and glycosaminoglycan binding of CCL5 and CCL3
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 113, 5000 (2016)
    Liang WG, Triandafillou C, Hwang DY, Zulueta MML, Banerjee S, Dinner AR, Hung SC, Tang WJ
  11. Shape dynamics of growing cell walls
    Soft Matter 12, 3442 (2016)
    Banerjee S, Scherer NF, Dinner AR
  12. Propagating stress waves during epithelial expansion
    Physical Review Letters 114, 228101 (2015)
    Banerjee S*, Utuje KJC, Marchetti MC*
    Featured in Editor's suggestions
  13. Intergenerational continuity of cell shape dynamics in Caulobacter crescentus
    Scientific Reports 5, 9155 (2015)
    Wright CS§, Banerjee S§, Iyer-Biswas S, Crosson S, Dinner AR, Scherer NF
  14. Active Viscoelastic Matter: from bacterial drag reduction to turbulent solids
    Physical Review Letters 114, 098302 (2015)
    Hemmingway EJ, Maitra A, Banerjee S, Marchetti MC, Ramaswamy S, Fielding SM, Cates ME
  15. Geometry regulates traction stresses in adherent cells
    Biophysical Journal 107, 825 (2014)
    Oakes PW, Banerjee S, Marchetti MC, Gardel ML
    Featured in New and Notable, "Work and Tension: New Evidence that Adherent Cells of Same Area Do the Same Work Independent of Stiffness and Focal Adhesions" by S. Pok & J.G. Jacot.
  16. Optimal shapes and stresses of adherent cells on patterned substrates
    Soft Matter 10, 2424 (2014)
    Banerjee S, Sknepnek R, Marchetti MC
  17. Polymorphism and bistability in adherent cells
    Soft Matter 9, 5251 (2013)
    Banerjee S, Giomi L
  18. Controlling cell-matrix traction forces by extracellular geometry
    New Journal of Physics 15, 035015 (2013)
    Banerjee S, Marchetti MC
    Featured in Highlights of 2013
  19. Cadherin-based intercellular adhesions organize epithelial cell-matrix traction forces
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 842 (2013)
    Mertz AF, Che Y, Banerjee S, Goldstein JM, Rosowski KA, Revilla SF, Niessen CM, Marchetti MC, Dufresne ER, Horsley V
    Recommended by F1000Prime
  20. Contractile stresses in cohesive cell layers on finite-thickness substrates
    Physical Review Letters 109, 108101 (2012)
    Banerjee S, Marchetti MC
  21. Heterogeneous drying stresses in stratum corneum
    Biophysical Journal 102, 2424 (2012)
    German GK, Engl WC, Pashkovski E, Banerjee S, Xu Y, Mertz AF, Hyland C, Dufresne ER
  22. Scaling of traction forces with the size of cohesive cell colonies
    Physical Review Letters 108, 198101 (2012)
    Mertz AF, Banerjee S, Che Y, German GK, Xu Y, Hyland C, Marchetti MC, Horsley V, Dufresne ER
    Featured in Editors' suggestions
  23. Generic phases of cross-linked active gels: Relaxation, oscillation and contractility
    Europhysics Letters 96, 58004 (2011)
    Banerjee S, Liverpool TB, Marchetti MC
  24. Substrate rigidity deforms and polarizes active gels
    Europhysics Letters 96, 28003 (2011)
    Banerjee S, Marchetti MC
  25. Motor-driven dynamics of cytoskeletal filaments in motility assays
    Physical Review E 84, 011914 (2011)
    Banerjee S, Marchetti MC, Müller-Nedebock KK
  26. Instabilities and oscillations in isotropic active gels
    Soft Matter 7, 463 (2011)
    Banerjee S, Marchetti MC
§equal authorship, *corresponding authors

PhD Thesis
  • S. Banerjee, "Cell Mechanics: From cytoskeletal dynamics to tissue-scale mechanical phenomena”, Physics - Dissertations, Paper 131, Syracuse University (2013). APS DBIO award.

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