Shiladitya Banerjee

Soft Living Matter Group

Bacterial Growth Control

How do cells regulate their size and control division timing?

Collective Cell Migration

How do cells collectively move within a dense tissue?

Mechanics of F-actin

How do cells generate mechanical forces?

Cellular Mechanosensing

How do adherent cells sense their extracellular matrix?

Theory of Living Soft Matter

Actin Cytoskeleton | Active Soft Matter | Cell Mechanics and Collective Motility | Bacterial Cell Physics | Tissue Mechanics

Living cells and organisms form a novel class of soft materials that can autonomously generate forces, change shapes, grow, self-replicate and self-heal under applied stress. We integrate methods from statistical physics, soft matter mechanics and computer simulations to develop theoretical models of biological behavior from molecular to organismic scales. Our approach is highly cross-disciplinary and is performed in close collaboration with experimental laboratories in soft matter, cell biology and biophysics.

Representative Publications