Banerjee Lab

For Theory of Living Matter

Current Team

Shiladitya Banerjee | Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University

Logan Carpenter
PhD Student, CMU
Physics of cell competition
Diana Serbanescu [MSci, UCL]
PhD Student, UCL

Physics of bacterial growth
Kurt Callaghan Cylke [BS, Rochester]
PhD Student, CMU
Computational cell biophysics
Omar El Sayed
PhD Student, CMU
Physics of bacterial adaptation
Tin Wai Ng [BSc, UCL]
PhD Student, UCL
State transitions in cells
Dr. Deb Sankar Banerjee [PhD, RRI]
Postdoc, CMU

Cell mechanics
Dr. Nikola Ojkic [PhD, Lehigh]
Postdoc, UCL

Bacterial biophysics
Former Members

PhD Students
Michael Staddon, PhD 2020, UCL [Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at MPI-CBG and Center for Systems Biology, Dresden.]
Daniel Gradeci, PhD 2019, UCL [Currently at Orbis Investments, London]

Undergraduate Research Project students
Jake Cornwall Scoones (2019-20) [B.A.,Cambridge]
Timothy Lambden (2018) [MSci Natural Sciences, UCL]
Shu En Lim (2017) [MSci Natural Sciences, UCL]
Thomas Jones [MSci Physics (2018), UCL]
Tsz Wai Yu [MSci Physics (2018), UCL]
Ferhan Janjua [MSc Physics (2017), UCL]
Roisin Stephens [MSci Physics (2017), UCL]